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CryoPen Device

CryoPen Cryotherapy Device | Everything you need to know

CryoPen Cryotherapy Device Everything You Need To Know

The CryoPen is a cryotherapy tool, it is a refrigeration system capable of ejecting high-pressure nitrous oxide gas into the skin. The CryoPen uses disposable cartridges to deliver quick, effective treatments. The pen destroys the skins tissue by freezing the intercellular fluid and does not affect any healthy tissue in the surrounding area thanks to its pinpoint accuracy! In short, cryotherapy is, is a procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy tissue.

Ideal for the removal of skin tags, warts, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, keloids, and milia. The CryoPen is sure to be a worthwhile investment for your clinic as it solves many skin issues for a range of clients of all ages!

CryoPen Device

Ideal for the removal of skin tags, warts, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, keloids, and milia. The CryoPen is sure to be a worthwhile investment for your clinic as it solves many skin issues for a range of clients of all ages!

How Does It Differ From Liquid Nitrogen?

While liquid nitrogen works at a colder temperature (-196°C), compared to CryoPen’s nitrous oxide, which works at -89°C … the extreme temperature that liquid nitrogen works at is not required.

Cell destruction in all benign tissues is achieved at -62°C, therefore nitrous oxide is sufficient to destroy any lesion without risking damage to the surrounding tissue.

The excessive power of liquid nitrogen is not required and may well be an obstacle when treating verrucae and molluscum contagiosum in children, and when the treatment of aesthetic imperfections is needed.


Why You Should Invest In CryoPen For your Clinic?

If you don’t have cryotherapy on your list of treatments, CryoPen is sure to be a welcome addition to your list of services. With the benefit of a short time spent to both master CryoPen and use the CryoPen in treatment, it adds up to become a worthwhile investment sure to return on both the time and money you put into it.

The CryoPen and treatment it offers can save you and your clients time with in-house treatment. This means less referring to other practices, saving both of you time and in particular keeping the money in your own pocket. With very little chance of your average client needing more than two treatments, this attracts clientele who have very little time on their hands and a list of problems you can now fix for them.

The upkeep of your CryoPen is very low-cost. The cartridges are easily disposable, easy to replenish, and has very minimal preparation time. After removing your CryoPen from its temperature maintaining dock you have up to ten minutes of use, ideal when you won’t be holding the CryoPen to your clients face for longer than 60 seconds.

The CryoPen device is ideal to take from room to room or between clinics. This makes it the perfect add-on treatment as it does not require its own treatment room. This means practitioners can add a CryoPen treatment into other facial/body treatments with ease.


How Is CryoPen Able To Treat A Variety Of Skin Lesions?

The CryoPen device includes multiple interchangeable applicators. The various applicators respond to the different sizes of lesions that practitioners will be confronted with.

Treatment of the healthy tissue can easily be avoided due to the applicator’s pin-point precision, which makes it a stress-free procedure. When necessary, practitioners can select an applicator to allow them to carry out deeper treatments which will promote more effective results for larger lesions and reduce time-consuming, repeat visits.

 Mostly after treatments, you will not be able to notice where the skin problem was located, however, there are some instances that you may be able to notice really small white spots, this is perfectly normal and healthy and may diminish over time.

Cryotherapy will allow for less blood in the affected area of the skin, reduce redness, inflammations, puffiness, irritability and the list goes on.

All of this simply translates into rejuvenated skin that you can feel good about, after the cryotherapy stages of healing.

These types of professional treatments are much more recommended and safe than freezing age spots at home.


Benefits For Your Patients

If you’ve ever found yourself googling ‘get rid of wart overnight’, ‘get rid of mole overnight’, or even how to get rid of sun spots, this is the treatment for you. If your clinic offers your patients Cryopen, you could be offering them a dream come true!

The simplest form of cryosurgery relatable involves no use of dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids. You can offer immediate treatment without referral, and no anaesthetic will need to be used. The treatment is extremely safe, with pinpoint accuracy it will only affect the targeted skin and not any healthy surrounding area. The treatments pain level has been described as if someone was poking your skin with a ball point pen.

Recovery is simple and at its latest can take up to 6 weeks, more commonly less than this. After treatment is not needed however a blister may occur 24 hours after treatment in the affected area that will clear up between 1 to 6 weeks.

The services you could provide your clients with that are extremely time efficient and relatively painless is as follows: 

Wart Removal


Warts come in all shapes and sizes, some are skin coloured whilst others are a little darker. You can find one by itself or an area with several, the CryoPen was designed to tackle all kinds of warts fast and effectively.

The CryoPen performs to have the wart skin tags mitigated and removed in as few treatments as possible so you can deliver high-quality treatments and still receive value for your business by administering efficiently and maximising profits.

This is much more targeted and advanced results than a standard cryotag skin tag remover. This allows for complete isolation of the treatment area and direct impact through nitrous oxide.

Skin-tag Removal

A skin-tag is a small flap of tissue that hangs off the skin by a connecting stalk. More likely to occur in women, it is also associated with weight gain and aging. They can be found on the neck, armpit, groin, under the breasts, or on eyelids.
The CryoPen allows precise targeting to freeze the skin-tag. It destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid and destroying the cell. After treatment the skin-tag will scab over and fall off within one to two weeks.

Cherry Angioma Removal

Also known as cherry hemangioma, or red moles, are skin growths common in people over the age of 30. Broken blood vessels cause the red discoloration, although the cause is unknown and could possibly be genetic.
Cherry angiomas can be removed overnight! If the angioma is on the smaller side, it only takes one session with the CryoPen with no risk or aftercare needed. Larger angiomas may reduce in size and take on a scab that may heal or you may require a second session.

Sun-spots Removal

Also known as skin-spots, caused by sun exposure, UV radiation from the sun causes the melanocytes in our skin to multiply causing areas of darkened sun-spots.
The great thing about the CryoPen is treatment can happen the day of consultation! Your sun-spots can be removed in one session. Nitrous oxide is evenly sprayed on the area for five seconds, the skins top layer will freeze. After the session scabs will appear and fall off, the only after-care you may need is a mild analgesic ointment.

Milia Removal

Milia are small white or yellow domes, typically occur on the nose or cheeks. One is called a milium cyst and multiple are called milia, caused by keratin trapped under the skin. Also associated with damage to the skin such as burns, blisters, or sun damage.

The CryoPen can treat milia relatively quick. It’s a painless jet of cold air applied to the skin for up to one minute!

Dermatofibroma Removal

A dermatofibroma is the name we give to a knot of fibrous tissue that occurs in the skin. They look like firm bumps and like rubbery balls sitting under the surface of the skin. It’s caused by an overgrowth of multiple different cell types under the skin. Often develop after a small trauma like a puncture from a splinter.
With the CryoPen a mild white frost will form evenly over the lesion. After the first initial freeze let it thaw for 30 seconds, before applying a second frost. Following this the tissue turns reddish and inflamed due to interstitial bleeding. Typically, two weeks after treatment the lesion should be removed!


CryoPen Training 

We offer exclusive training to NVQ level 3 or equivalent in beauty candidates to be trained on the Cryopen M or O devices. Depending on what your preference is, you can book in for sessions with one of our amazingly talented and friendly trainers.

You now know what a CryoPen is, the benefits for you, and the benefits for your clients. So where do you start to learn to use the CryoPen? The first step into cryosurgery can start from home! Ivanmed offers a full course that begins with online modules, and finishes with in-person training with the experts.

The course online can be completed in as much time as you need however, the material supplied takes on average two hours to go over. There is then a multiple-choice online test you must pass with 70% or above to ensure you have the correct level of knowledge to be able to treat using a CryoPen.

After the completion of this online portion practitioners are recommended to get in touch to book a practical session at our training centres. You can email us at training@ivanmed.com or phone us at 0333 358 3904.

Practical sessions are carried out in small groups to ensure you get the highest level of education and most hands-on experience possible. The session is up to three hours long and you will be certified at the end with an accredited OCN Credit4Learning Certificate!

Get started today on your CryoPen training with Ivanmed.


Types Of CryoPens

We currently offer two types of CryoPens, the CryoPen O and the CryoPen M. Both CryoPens are a one-time purchase with the only upkeep being purchasing the cartridges you need to refill the device with.

CryoPen Cartridges

Each cartridge does up to 15 treatments, depending on the model of CryoPen you decide on and if you order the pack of 24 8g cartridges or a pack of 6 16g cartridges. Cartridge will remain without loss of pressure for many weeks. If a lesion is 2mm deep, treatment time will be 10 seconds, so you will do 10 treatments with a 8g cartridge and 20 treatments out of a 16g cartridge.

Our Packages 

(Cryopen M Device)

2 Applicators

12 x 8g nitrous oxide cartridges

Tweezers for inserting cartridges

User manual

Print marketing – information flyers, FAQ cards, posters and consultation forms.

Digital Marketing – Before and after images, videos, product shots and social media images.

(Cryopen O Device)

3 Applicators

6 x 16g cartridges

Tweezers for inserting cartridges

User manual

Print marketing – information flyers, FAQ-cards , posters and consultation forms.

Digital Marketing – Before and after images, videos, product shots and social media images.

Frequently Asked Questions 

(1) How much is cryotherapy?

A: This will depend on who you decide to go with. Do your research and make sure to go with somebody recognised and trusted.

(2) What to expect after Cryotherapy?

A: Most of the time you will experience mild redness with the possibility of a small white mark where the skin tag/lesion used to be, this is perfectly normal and safe.

(3)  What does cryotherapy do?

A: In its simplest form, it uses the power of nitrous oxide to freeze off any unwanted skin tags, bumps or lesions.

(4) How to speed up healing from cryotherapy?

A: You can use many different types of aftercare. At Ivan med, we stock and supply the highest quality of skincare that can be used for all skin types and outcomes. Check out our aftercare that will help you achieve the best results possible for your cryotherapy treatments.



Treatments that are fast and effective can make all the difference. We are the official suppliers of the Official CryoPen device and we supply over 1750 clinics UK wide! The most trusted device in the market for administering incredible results that are sought after by both professional beauty clinics and patients alike.

Find out more if CryoPen can be an excellent addition to your clinic and add cryotherapy to your arsenal of tools as a beauty practitioner.

Blog written by Orlaith

Latest Update: December 2022

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