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Wart removal

CryoPen: Using Cryotherapy for Wart removal

CryoPen benefits: Using Cryotherapy for Wart and Verruca removal 

Warts are pesky infections you are likely to encounter at some point in your life. Easy to pick up, and hard to remove if they decide to stick around, they can add to your list of skin imperfections for the long term if left untreated. Luckily the newest form of wart removal makes it as time efficient and easier than ever: CryoPen cryotherapy!

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What are warts?

Warts are a small rough lump you may discover on your body in your lifetime. They feel firm and rough, appearing commonly on palms, knuckles, knees, fingers, and feet. Normally skin-colored can also take on a yellowed appearance. Usually, warts go away on their own but this can take up to years.

It is common for warts to appear in clusters spread over an area. There is also a form of wart called plane warts, they are round, flat, and yellow. Plane warts normally appear in groups of many.

Warts do not cause any harm but can be itchy or painful. Treatments are available to remove warts if they keep coming back, are painful, or bother you. You could use wart removal cream, or go to your local GP for help, although these methods could take up to weeks to see a result.

You get warts from a virus, easily spread person to person from contaminated surfaces or close skin contact. It is more likely to spread a wart if your skin is wet or damaged. It can take up to months for a wart to appear after contact with the virus. Make sure to wash your hands, cover warts with a plaster if swimming, and not cut a wart when shaving to avoid contamination.


What is verruca?

Verruca is wart specifically found on the bottom of your foot. These are caused by a viral infection known as HPV, the most common subtype known to affect feet is called plantar warts.

Verrucae is different from corn, although you may also find it on your feet. They will develop on your feet and grow hard skin over the top causing discomfort when walking. The infection invades the skin and on debridement has small brown or black specks caused by intravascular thromboses within its dilated capillaries.

You may have picked up verruca from a surface up to 20 months ago. It can incubate for up to 20 months after contact with HPV on a surface. A moment of weakness in your immune system, such as having the flu or cold, can be enough to let the virus take up residence. The immune system may fight the infection off or if it survives it develops into a plantar wart.


Efficient same day wart removal with cryopen

Cryotherapy has been used for years in different forms to treat warts, from at-home freezing devices to in-clinic treatments.  The CryoPen is now the most innovative form of cryotherapy and is perfect for removing pesky warts and verruca from your life forever!


How does the cryopen remove warts and verruca?

The CryoPen uses nitrous oxide, extreme cold, under high pressure on the affected area. The nitrous oxide works to rapidly freeze the wart and crystalize, ultimately destroying the tissue.

This treatment has a very high accuracy thanks to the CryoPens precise tip, and will only target the infected area. This ensures healthy skin will not be affected and only the wart is exposed to the rapid freezing. This is perfect for smaller verrucas and warts and allows the treatment to be available for younger children who may have warts.

Why should I choose CryoPen for wart removal?

CryoPen offers unique benefits if you choose to remove your warts or verruca.

It is extremely time efficient. One appointment can take only fifteen minutes on the day, as procedure time is less than 60 seconds per wart. No anaesthetic is required meaning you can go to the appointment during your lunchtime, and you won’t need to take time off work. Recovery time is moderate discomfort up to 24 hours.

Results show that compared to other methods, results are permanent after just one session. This is extremely beneficial when warts are very common to return or re-infect the skin.

You can read our blog that has all you need to know about the CryoPen device, including other removal services here.

CryoPen For Clinics

If you’re researching to add the CryoPen to the list of services you provide at your clinic, we have a blog of the full overview on the CryoPen and also provide training packages. Our training has both online and practical modules led by experts

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