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Ivanmed Dermapen™ Ambassador Natali Kelly

By Jane Smith Posted January 1, 2019 in Skincare


Ivanmed Dermapen™ ambassador, Natali Kelly is an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner based at Omniya medi-clinic in Knightsbridge, London. Natali has over 8 years experience combining her surgical background with non-surgical facial aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology, regularly offering her expert opinion to national press and magazines, as well as contributing to clinical journals and presenting at industry conferences. Natali’s fresh approach to facial aesthetics and deep understanding and belief in the Dermapen made her a natural choice as Ivanmed latest key opinion leader.

With a medical background in anaesthetics and surgery, Natali Kelly has become one of the industry’s most noted practitioners, specialising in non-surgical facial aesthetics, and signature skin and hair rejuvenation treatments that combine the most advanced techniques of micorneedling, mesotherapy, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Natali not only has an enviable client list of royalty, high net worth individuals and celebrities, she has also worked with some of the most distinguished names in the aesthetics. Check out Natali Kelly’s Instagram following and client results @natalikellyldn.

 As our Dermapen™ ambassador, Natali will continue to educate and empower the most advanced techniques of the device through conferences, demonstrations and consumer education, supporting ongoing growth and success of the market leader in microneedling. Natali plays an integral role in our continued commitment to deliver the latest innovation and highest-grade technology through industry insight and trends. As well as support in clinic research and development to ensure we continuously bring the best to our clients and their patients.

Expressing her opinion on the benefits of the Dermapen™ Natali noted:

“I believe Dermapen is the most advanced and by far the safest microneedling pen on the market. I have been using it in my treatments for over 2 years and it is incomparable to other devices I have used in the past. My clients love it and I have developed 2 signature treatments with it. Every clinic should have one in their repertoire of treatments. I am excited to be a part of a supportive and innovative company and I look forward to helping develop new protocols, training and education.”

If you would like more information on our Dermapen Microneedling device, please check out our online brochure.

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Another one of Natali’s specialist areas is in mesotherapy, which involves injecting micro doses of medicinal substances under the skin that allows for deeper penetration into the epidermis, to treat skin problems or simply enrich and rejuvenate. Speaking to the Mirror on carrying out mesotherapy treatment, Natali stated:

“Mesotherapy is a cocktail of skin vitamins, amino acids, minerals, peptides and hyaluronic acid. When injected into the skin these revitalising properties are great for anti-ageing, sun damage, acne scarring, and pigmentation and over all skin rejuvenations. Skin prick nutrition is great for healthy skin inside and out.”

Ivanmed newly launched Dermatic® mesotherapy gun

Euromi has developed a range of high technology mesotherapy guns, which provide professionals with the most precise and effective tool, and ensures a painless treatment to the patient. To do so, the Dermatic® consists of using compressed air that provides a high injection speed for injecting micro doses of medicinal substances under the skin close to the problem to be treated. This gun will be exclusive to Ivanmed, which Natali has been trialling in her London based clinic and has given a user testimonial stating:

“As an experienced aesthetic practitioner who regularly offers mesotherapy as part of my signature treatments, I am delighted with the difference the Dermatic gun has made during treatments. The device is simple to use when controlling treatment depth, allowing me to offer my patients tailored treatments dependent on their skin care needs. The device itself is lightweight to use and most importantly is pain-free for my clients compared to other Mesotherapy guns.”

The gun can be easily adjusted to alter the amount of substance injected, the injection rate and the needle penetration depth to suit every client’s needs. The compact device has been designed for ease of use and has a 10-year service life, a great investment for all medical professionals in the industry. 

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Ivan Med Loyalty Scheme

 Here at Ivan Med we are offering rewards on packs of needles for our Dermapen device. Currently we offer points that you can redeem on our pack of (15) needles and pack of (30) needles that you can then re-use to get money off on future orders. 

Pack of (15) Needles will earn you 2400 points and a pack of (30) Needles will earn you 9500 points. You can join our loyalty scheme by clicking into the widget ate the bottom right hand corner of this page. 

If you have a trade account or any account with us, please make sure that you use the same email address so you can be attributed points correctly.

Those who sign up will be rewarded with £10 to start and also anybody that refers a friend who signs up for an account will receive an additional £50 attributed to their account to spend with us.

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