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DPM8 Microneedling Device


The DPM8 Microneedling device is the ultimate tool for tackling skin imperfections.


We are going to dive deep into how our micro-needling device is used, how it can benefit patients and also make sure that treatments are re-administered safely and deliver the highest quality results possible, Let’s begin.






How does it work?


The Dermapen ensures a maximum number of microchannels, puncturing over 2200 channels per second into the skin, via our 16- pin needle cartridge. This enables optimal absorption of active ingredients into the skin, delivering consistent results every time


Fast Charging

It’s fast charging and provides you with 100 minutes of power so you can perform more treatments with one single charge. And getting back up to 100% never seemed so quick.


Increased Patient Comfort 

The adjustable needle depth that the DPM8 offers allows for a more comfortable treatment, mitigating uncomfortable feelings and dragging on the skin.


It can effortlessly travel from treatment area to treatment area, adjusting the needle depth to get the appropriate results for the area of the face that is being treated.


Ergonomic Grip

The device has been beautifully designed to fit comfortably in your hand allowing full control whilst the procedure takes place, ensuring you can deliver the best possible results for your patients.


And finally, our micro-needling device can treat all skin types!


How Many DPM8 Treatments Are Needed?


It of course will depend on the condition of the skin and the areas that are needing treatment.


Careful monitoring of the progress, session after session, you will start to see noticeable differences after the short-term swelling phase dies down, which starts immediately after the treatment ends.


This will then allow time for the micro-wounds to kick in the healing process as it stimulates the blood around the affected area.


Then this will activate collagen in the skin along with elastin. The micro-wounds allow for deeper absorption of the Dermapen Creams achieving maximal results, which is known as mesotherapy.


Different Types of DPM8 Treatments


  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Aged and Sun Damaged Skin
  • Scarring
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation
  • Hair Loss


Of course, different areas of the body will be affected differently by the penetration of the needles. Some areas of the skin are tighter and thinner therefore the pressure of the needle can be felt more and would require a more shallow needle depth.


This is why it’s incredibly useful for practitioners to have the ability to easily adjust the needle depth to go from one area to the next, allowing maximum comfort for the patient.




Ageing and Rejuvenation


Microneedling provides great anti-ageing qualities by really stimulating the blood flow and kicking in natural processes that help to keep the skin alive and looking healthy. It cleanses all your pores and leaves skin feeling tighter and refreshed.

Regular sessions recommended by a professional can provide amazing benefits long term combined with good skin car routines. It would be beneficial to also do some research on different skincare routines and see which one works best for you. Everyone’s skin is different and the level of sensitivity can vary from person to person so make sure that you use products that will offer the best results for you.

Hair Loss


When it comes to hair loss, micro-needling activates the growth factors in the skin on balding areas. Groth factors are just large proteins that are found in the skin, and they are surrounded by cells.

What micro-needling does is it activates the binding process between the cells and the receptors to communicate messages to the skin to repair and rejuvenate. This is why it’s beneficial to treat affected areas with the help of a professional to achieve the right results for you and make sure this process is being activated properly and safely.

Pigmentation and Melasma


Caused by a combination of hormonal factors and photodamage, we can use micro-needling alongside some vitamin C creams or hydruloronic creams to achieve great results with regular use.

This will help target the dark dermal discoloured patches of skin. producing healthy melanin this way can restore the natural colour back in the skin along with multiple other benefits like we have covered so far.




This ultimately delivers bipolar radiofrequency energy straight into the epidermis, carefully making sure that the epidermis does not get damaged in the process.

You can read more on this here.


What To Apply After A DPM8 Treatment?


It’s crucial that you make sure your skin is properly hydrated and is being applied with a suitable cream that will work with your skin to maximise the results of the treatments.  Make sure that you get the proper guidance on the creams that will be best for you by getting in touch with us here at Ivan Med.


Make sure your hands are clean and avoid if possible touching the face directly after treatment and allow for the skin to cool down and soothe.


We would suggest applying one of the Hydraluronic acid creams regularly until you start to see noticeable differences, although the very minor swelling of the face usually dies down within 24 hours.




You must be NVQ Level 3 qualified or higher to be eligible for the training on this device. Please make sure you have these qualifications before enquiring for any training to avoid and disappointment and reserve our resources to help as many people get trained on this device as needed.


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