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Dermapen 4 Microneedling Device

Introducing the Dermapen 4 Microneedling device.

Revolutionary technology that will change how you administer treatments forever. A modernised device that delivers even more precision, maximum control and optimal patient comfort.



Having a digital display allows you to incrementally set the needle speed. The choice of needle speed and depth can have significant effects on patient comfort level allowing for a more pain-free experience!


The Dermapen 4 is the only micro-needling device that has specific scar settings built-in, and protocols for revision on deep atrophic scars, including burns, any surgical problems, post-acne scars and striae.


The needle depth can now go to 3.0mm in depth and thanks to the new AOVN technology, the motor inside will determine the correct needle speed, pressure and penetration for the most accurate precision.


The needle depths can go in 0.1mm increments giving you excellent control over the procedure that you perform on your patients.



Generating 1920 puncture channels per second, the Dermapen 4’s amazing 16 needle cartridge design has revolutionised the way we do micro-needling treatments.


It generates 49.7% more holes into the surface for the skin than the dermapen 3. This can go all the way up to 104% when compared to some counterfeit pens that get sold on the internet these days.


The 33 gauge, medical-grade stainless steel needles are gamma sterilised and oscillate 120 revolutions per second, equalling an unrivalled 7,200 rpm. Only the DP4 initiates more pathways to encourage and facilitate skin regeneration and the infusion of active substances.



Get exclusive access to clinic finder listings and multimedia support to promote your clinic and procedures with your new Dermapen 4 device.

Dermapen Worlds has listings on their clinic finder that people use to identify where to get treatments, this will be available to you so that you can be found more easily and by high-quality patients.


You get a free exclusive membership to prozone which will store dedicated training materials and protocols developed by Dr Andrew R. Christie – one of the worlds most influential microneedling experts.


You will also receive an official plaque sent to you, point of sales tools and get a recognised letter of certification of the ownership of the Dermapen 4 device.



The new Dermapen 4 Micro-needling device also includes a newly designed digital control system. This allows the operator to have complete control over the speed and depth of needle insertion – during the treatment session.


This amazing display will show you needle depths, speed and battery so you can be fully aware of the changes that you need to make mid procedure.


During each procedure, the Digital servo-motor accurately fine-tunes the parameters of the treatment (including needle depth, speed and setting) to deliver unrivalled accuracy.




Dermapen 4 offers an advanced lithium turbo-cut battery system. This new innovation now performs at the same level as mains power. The Dermapen 4 can offer 90 minutes of true operating time at a full power capacity with just one battery. One battery also provides over 8 hours of standby.


Unlike traditional batteries which lose their power, causing uneven results and dragging on the skin, the advanced lithium turbo cut technology ensures full and consistent power for the life of the battery.


The Dermapen 4 gives your more control, manoeuvrability, portability, convenience and power. Dermapen 4 also operates on traditional mains power and offers a 3.5 metre cord




An automatically calibrated and accurate needle penetration that causes no drags on the skin surface.


This ensures the exact needle depth that is required is used in the treatment so that the area you are treating gets the correct amount of pressure to the treatment area to offer the best results for the thickness of skin, putting the patients comfort to no.1 priority alongside delivering high-quality results.


AOVN Retention Valves


Specialised retention valves relieve the build-up of procedural pressure within the Dermapen 4 needle cartridge. The effect prevents fluid build-up within the needle cavity.


The vacuum-like sensation removes the risk of cross-contamination while ensuring pressure-free contact whilst performing the procedure.


As a true depth regulator, the AOVN vacuum – retention valves promote procedural accuracy – the depth displayed on the digital screen is the true measure of needle penetration into the patient’s skin.


Regulated suction release ensures up to 1,920 micro-channels every second, are smoothly delivered with no drag or resistance. Needle sharpness and integrity are never comprised, even on large treatment areas



The dermapen 4 device offers great safety whilst giving treatments. The needle hub is covered blocking any contamination from entering the device or the outer cartridge shell.


This is what’s going to keep any procedure fluids from entering into the device and mixing with the needles.


This is a world first and exclusive to the Dermapen 4 device to have internal and external protection on every single needle. Guaranteeing no cross-contamination risks, providing purity of treatment and optimising patient safety.



Effortless, smooth and comfortable treatments no matter what area of the skin you are treating. It’s a lightweight yet durable design that will withstand use for longer.

The comfortable position removes practitioner fatigue and allows for multiple consecutive procedures. With less pressure, patients experience increased procedural comfort whilst maximising their results.

Dermapen 4 is so light and ergonomic, it fights like a weightless glove.



  • More Speed – By having a direct digital drive, we were able to surpass the limitations of spring-loaded technology, and on to a faster and efficient way of treating patients.
  • More Power – Automated coupling of the cartridge to the Dermapen 4 handpiece maximises power and compatibility.
  • More Precision – Digitally controlled needle movement, enhances practitioner accuracy.
  • More Safety – The oscillation mechanism contains both internal and external fluid seals.

When you combine those with more effective holes being made in the asking during treatment, you can expect much better results once the skin has healed.



Never obsolete! Harness the power of Bluetooth when administering treatments to your patients. This allows for a simple connection to the app via Android or Apple devices so you can


  • Continuously be updated on Dermapen 4s calibration tables, guaranteeing needle depth veracity and firmware advances.
  • Connect directly to support initiatives including dermaPen world prozone, training programmes, FREE clinic finder and FREE registration to a 7-year warranty.

7 Year Warranty


  • Including parts and labour, a 7 year fully transferable and unrestricted warranty supports Dermapen 4 – the worlds most trusted and risk-free device.
  • No other pen faster or more superior treatment results.
  • No other pen allows you to tap into the scar treatment market, and maximise your ROI
  • No other pen connects practitioners with a worldwide network of support and education
  • No other pen competes with the safety and protection offered by Dermapen 4
  • And No other pen offers a 7 year, unconditional warranty.




It’s safe to say that it’s exciting, welcoming such an advanced and innovative technology into delivering high-quality treatments for patients all across the UK.

The Dermapen 4 has been built to ensure maximum safety whilst delivering optimal performance for both the patient and the practitioner.

If the Dermapen 4 Microneedling Device is something you are interested in or have any further questions you can contact us as info@ivanmed.com and we will be able to handle your queries.

Alternatively, you can always call our office between the hours of 9 and 3 on 0333 358 3904.

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