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INNO Aesthetics

Inno Skin Repair  

Our skin can take a beating in day to day life, from industrial pollution, gasses, and another day to day skincare creams and serums that are not formulated correctly to get the very best results.

INNO skin repair has been carefully formulated to give your skin all the ingredients it needs to withstand the touch barrage that our skin endures.

Making sure our skin stay revitalised and healthy is at the forefront of most of our beauty desires. It really helps to understand and use the best products that will maximise your results not just for your own care but for your clients also.

Why Choose INNO Aesthetics?

INNO Aesthetics is a pioneer in the development of medical aesthetic and dermatological solutions for the treatment of many type of skin alteration as well as the preservation of skin health and beauty. 

INNO Skin Repair

Active Principles

The active principles in this product are Artemia extract, arnica Montana extract, Ruscus Aculeatus extract and Glycyrrhetinic acid.

Actions Of The Mechanism

A mixture of active principles with a powerful regulating effect on the inflammatory response of the skin when faced with an aesthetic procedure. It allows for the acceleration of such processes as reepithelialization and skin recovery, minimizing possible cutaneous disorders.


Post-treatment for irritative aesthetic treatments.

Application Technique

Apply a sufficient amount of the product two or more times per day to the affected, along with a gentle massage until the product has been completely absorbed by the skin.


Anti Inflammatory

Our INNO Aesthetics skin repair products has anti-inflammatory ingredients which will act to combat any side effects of the treatment that you receive. This way you can ensure the treatments will provide you with all the benefits whilst incredibly little downside. Not only that, but this repair cream will help boost the results that you get as opposed to having the treatment on its own.

UV Skin Rays

Photo sensitivity: 0


Presentation: 60g 

Recommended Use

Recommended use: Post treatment 

Minimum Usage

Minimum usage time: 2 months 

One Of Our Most Sold Products

This is one of Ivan med’s best selling products for its continuosly consistent results that are sought after industry wide. 

If you are interested in purchasing this products and actively have a clinic set up and trading, then you can click here to apply for an Ivan Med trade shop account. 

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