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microneedling cartridges

Why Dermapen 4 Cartridges Trump The Rest (2022)

microneedling cartridges

Dermapen 4 microneedling cartridges are used with the Dermapen 4 microneedling device as a cohesive solution to targeting microneedling skin issues at the most effective rate on todays market.

Dermapen is a device used for microneedling, a skin treatment that uses needles to create tiny channels in the skin to increase the delivery of skincare products.



microneedling cartridges
 Dermapen leverages precision and the depth of the needles, tailored to the specific treatment area which increases the range of products consumption that can be delivered.

This cartridge system allows dermapen 4 to provide unique skincare benefits that are not possible with other microneedling devices. 

DermaPen 4 is the only microneedling device that can provide deep delivery of products to the dermis layer of the skin, the layer where most products are absorbed.


The ground-breaking Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVNTM) technology allows needles to enter vertically, resulting in very fine flawless micro-injuries, less damage and pain, and significantly less downtime.

Sterile disposable Dermapen needle cartridges take skin safety to the next level.


Offering reduced downtime due to the ultra-fine sterilised needles, you can maximise your time and ultimately the ROI that your business can generate from choosing to use Dermapen 4 as your microneedling device and leverage the power of the Dermapen 4 cartridges.



The AOVN technology used (Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling) provides ultimate patient comfort, combating one of the biggest deterrents that cause people to not want to go ahead with a mcironeedling treatment. 

Patient safety and comfort have been at the very top of concerns when designing the Dermapen 4 cartridges to ensure that all patients enjoy the microneedling experience and take away the scare factor of any discomfort that they think may come with microneedling.


Cross-contamination can also be another big concern as microneedling the skin multiple times can put your skin at risk if you do not use the correct needles or choose to go down and off brand cheaper route. 

We would advise against this and trust the research and testing that has been carried out rigorously by Dermapen so you can have confidence that you are offering the safest possible option inside your clinic, ensuring customer safety and overall happiness with the treatments that they receive.



Dermapen is the leader in microneedling technology, with over a million satisfied customers. Dermapen 4 is the next generation of microneedling, providing unique benefits for medical professionals.

Dermapen has been the leader in microneedling technology since 2012. It has gained a mass of loyal customers that use the dermapen microneedling devices alongside medical skincare to deliver incredible results to their patients when administering microneedling treatments in their clinics.

It relied upon heavily delivering high-quality results, and treatment after treatment and has consistently delivered that promise year after year, with the continuous development of devices and skincare to remain the market leader for all of these years.

Why not add Dermapen to your arsenal of aesthetic tools to satisfy your customers and accumulate ROI in your business


Dermapen has a range of medical skincare products called Dermapen Dermaceuticals that have been developed specifically to be used alongside Dermapen devices.

This will ensure that your customers are getting the best results possible from their dermapen sessions while ensuring that they are able to maintain that level of results long term.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to upsell your customers on the dermapen aftercare products to ensure that they get the best results possible from their sessions and are coming back to you for more.


The Dermapen 4 microneedling cartridges are essential to delivering high quality microneedlign procedures. They are fast, powerful, sterile, safe and efficient, everything you could need to deliver the very best results to your patients. 

Why not give them a try today? You can view our cartridges here or you can contact us at info@ivanmed.com if you have any questions, where one of our helpful staff member will answer any questions or queries that you may have, and guide you in the right direction.

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