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microneedling training

Microneedling Training: Why is it so important?

microneedling training

Why Is Microneedling Training So Important?

As a practitioner, it’s imperative that you get the proper microneedling training to administer effective treatments for your clients.
Microneedling is a relatively new field of skincare, and the best way to learn is through hands-on training with a live instructor.
Such training will offer the added benefit of allowing you to test the device on yourself, which is the best way to truly understand how the device works.
This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any points of confusion.


Microneedling Training Benefits 

Trying to administer treatments without the proper training is strongly advised against. 
It can cause you to in-effectively treat skin conditions, leaving your clients not as satisfied as they can be with what you are offering via services. 
Furthermore, it can limit the amount of different skin conditions that you can treat. 
The more you know how to treat effectively, ultimately the more money you can make back from your business. 
Microneedling Skincare 
You may be surprised to learn just how many skin care products today contain microneedling ingredients.
Most of these products are designed to be used in conjunction with microneedling, offering the added benefit of increasing the surface area of the skin exposed to the microneedling pen.
When used in this manner, these products can help enhance the benefits of microneedling.


Understanding Depth Settings 

You must know the different depth settings for the different areas that you will be treating on your patient.
This allows you to target specific areas with increased precision and effectiveness.
The best microneedling products are those that are designed to work in harmony with the microneedling pen, providing maximum benefit to your skin.
 You will be taught how to effectively use the correct depth setting on different areas of the patient’s skin to offer optimal results whilst maintaining patient comfort.
This is something that is always best taught in person so you can get a great understanding with your own eyes of the difference that a few millimetres of depth can make to the patient’s results.


What Does Our Microneedling Training Training Look Like?

Our workshops are lead by industry experts that will take you through protocols step by step for the workshop of your choice. 
You will be guided with confidence through all the steps to a point where you feel truly comfortable administering treatments and applying the aftercare that will ultimately maximise the results of your patients. 
Be a part of a group of like minded individuals where you will get the opportunity to ask and communicate any queries or concerns that you may have holding you back from getting started in your own clinic.

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