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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal – Whats the best options? (2022)

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Skin tags can be a nuisance to the skin and often have an unwanted presence.

If you have discovered a lump in your armpit, a painful lump on your arm, or you have a pesky lump on your eyelid you don’t know where to begin with, you may have a skin-tag. Also known as acrochordons, skin-tags are small noncancerous growths that tend to be a similar colour of your skin. 

They are extremely common with research suggesting 50% of adults will have at least one in their lifetime.

There are many theories and methods to effectively treat this type of skin imperfection. In this blog, we will cover what skin tags are, and how to remove them effectively, safely, and professionally.


What is a skin tag?

Skin Tag

First, we need to identify what the signs and characteristics are.

A skin-tag is a flap of tissue, that often looks like a cluster, extending out from your skin attached by a tiny stem. They are mainly between 1-5mm but some may grow as large as a few centimetres.  They do not affect your health but can be unsightly, or if in an area such as your face or neck can make you self-conscious. A skin tag removal procedure such as cryotherapy can help!

Skin-tags are more likely to form in women, and are associated with weight gain and ageing. While they are not bad for you, they can be inconvenient or cause irritation by getting caught on clothing or jewellery.

  • Unlike warts, they are usually softer and smoother on the skin’s surface.
  • Skin tags will hang off the skin a lot more than warts will, they appear to be loose and flappy.
  • Skin tags are not contagious. if you experience a sudden outburst of skin growth then you might want to consider it being a wart instead of a skin tag.


Why Do Skin Tags Occur?

Skin tags are made up of floppy collagen fibres and blood vessels inside the skin. Typically found in obese and type 2 diabetes holders. They can happen to both men and women equally.

Typically you will find skin tags growing in the folds of skin. These areas include the neck, armpits and groin areas.

People who have issues with their weight tend to experience skin tags more harshly due to the extra skin rubbing against it.


How to remove a skin-tag

While skin-tags should not affect your health, there are still different methods of removal should you choose to do so. If you went to your GP about this you would find out this is not covered by the NHS as it is under cosmetic procedures. They may have recommended to try remove the skin tag at home if they determined it easy to do so with ligation. We recommend to not do this yourself as you may cause some heavy bleeding.

You may have already gone to see your GP however if you haven’t, we can save you some time with our very own CryoPen! If you choose to use Cryosurgery to remove your skin-tag this method only takes one appointment. You can walk into the referral and walk out the same day already treated.

Cryotherapy does not simply shrink your skin-tag, it can get rid of it permanently. This method with the CryoPen is becoming more and more common thanks to the list of advantages it comes with.


CryoPen: Easy and affordable skin-tag removal

The CryoPen is the most innovative form of cryotherapy and is perfect for skin-tag removal thanks to the many advantages it offers!

The Cryopen works by freezing the skin-tag using nitrous oxide. This kills the localised cells in the area, causing the skin-tag to shrivel and die. There is no collateral damage to any healthy tissue or skin in the surrounding area thanks to the millimetre precision of the CryoPen! The applicator is held as close as possible to the skin tag for up to 60 seconds for treatment.


Benefits of CryoPen Skin-tag Removal

The cost of a CryoPen skin-tag removal varies from clinic to clinic, and depends on how many treatments you will need. From 45 pounds depending on the size of the removal up to 100 if the clinic so decides. However for a non-anaesthetic, procedure free treatment that can be done on the day of referral, this is a extremely efficient and time saving benefit.

You can read our blog that has all you need to know about the CryoPen device, including other removal services here.


CryoPen For Clinics

If you’re researching to add the CryoPen to the list of services you provide at your clinic, we have a blog of the full overview on the CryoPen and also provide training packages. Our training has both online and practical modules led by experts.



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