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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal – Whats the best options? (2022)

Skin Tag Removal


Skin tags can be a nuisance to the skin and often have an unwanted presence.

There are many theories and methods to effectively treat this type of skin imperfection. In this blog, we will cover what skin tags are, and how to remove them effectively, safely and professionally.

What is a skin tag?

Skin Tag

First, we need to identify what the signs and characteristics are so we can assess that it is actually true.


Skin tags are noticeable lumps of skin that come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Normally they will have a similar colour to your skin tone.

They can range from a few MM all the way to a few CM in some cases.

  • Unlike warts, they are usually softer and smoother on the skin’s surface.
  • Skin tags will hang off the skin a lot more than warts will, they appear to be loose and flappy.
  • Skin tags are not contagious. if you experience a sudden outburst of skin growth then you might want to consider it being a wart instead of a skin tag.

Why Do Skin Tags Occur?


Skin tags are made up of floppy collagen fibres and blood vessels inside the skin. Typically found in obese and type 2 diabetes holders. They can happen to both men and women equally.

Typically you will find skin tags growing in the folds of skin. These areas include the neck, armpits and groin areas.

People who have issues with their weight tend to experience skin tags more harshly due to the extra skin rubbing against it.


Removing Skin Tags


Removing skin tags can be a quick and painless procedure. One of the best and most popular ways is having it removed via a cryopen treatment. 

The cryopen device uses nitrous oxide to freeze the cell membranes on the affected area, cutting off the circulation and the ability for more growth.

Cryotherapy will allow for less blood flow to the skin tag, reduce redness, inflammation, puffiness and more to name a few, leaving you with replenished and rejuvenated skin that has been treated professionally.

The Cryopen has been engineered to remove skin tags and other benign skin lesions in as few treatments as possible to maximise the usage and time of your treatments so you can run a hyper profitable business with as little downtime as necessary.


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