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Top 5 Summer Skincare Saviours from Juliette Armand


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Top 5 Summer Skincare Saviours from Juliette Armand

By Jane Smith Posted January 1, 2019 in Skincare

Take care of your skin this summer with our Skincare Expert, Jody Taylor, top 5 products to always have in your bag! Travelling can really affect the skin from long hours in air-conditioned room or overpopulated environments without any clean air.

The number one top this summer is HYDRATION! You may only think that the skin needs hydration in the winter, but summer is just as important. If you suffer with acne, blackheads, sensitivity or dehydration using these 5 holiday essential products will repay you with dewy, bright, glowing skin!

1. Sensitive Cleansing Gel

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, this wash is great to have in your holiday bag as it is quick and easy to use and removes make up residue from the skin. Sensitive Cleansing Gel contains a key ingredient called Osmopure and will work to protect the skin against harmful pollutants. Sensitive Cleansing Gel also contains a medium weight hyaluronic acid to add moisture to the skin and prevent dryness.

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2. Hydra Bonding Serum

The perfect serum to enhance the skin, protect the water reserve and shields from external environmental aggressors such as air conditioning or extreme heat. The key ingredient in this product Dermasmooth™ reduces an inflammation, redness or irritations. Apply this serum twice daily for optimum results.

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3. Mutli Hydrating Face Cream

A great lightweight cream which replenishes lost moisture whilst protecting form any further water loss. This product contains two weights of Hyaluronic Acid, jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter for long lasting results. Apply morning and night over the hydra bonding serum.

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4. Vitality Cream Mask

An innovative cream mask of silky texture which revitalises, tones and moisturises tired and dehydrated skin. Vitamins E, C and F, provides the skin with amino acids and essential fatty acids for the preservation of its natural moisture balance. Its fine texture helps the skin to deeply absorb and retain the ingredients contained in the product. great to apply as a night cream and sleep in overnight.

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5. SunFilm SPF 30 Face Gel

The essential product not only for summer but all year round! The SunFilm SPF 30 is lightweight and tinted to give the skin a great glow whilst covering any blemishes. The SPF 30 contains broad spectrum sunscreen which protect against UVA and UVB rays. SunFilm also contains panthenol and Aloe Vera for soothing and hydration. Apply before sun exposure and also makes a great base in the evening before make up.

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Make sure you have these summer essentials in your case before jetting off this summer!

For more information visit www.narturastudios.co.uk/juliettearmand

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