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DP Dermaceuticals MG Collection

Mesotherapy products for all skin conditions to be used with microneedling 

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Dermapen Dermaceuticals - Mesotherapy Range

DP Dermaceuticals™ MG Collection is the ultimate solution for professional microneedling treatments 

DP Dermaceuticals™  MG Collection of sterile mesotherapy vials offers a range of glides to suit all skin concerns. Whether your goal is to rejuvenate or brighten, reduce scarring or problematic skin, the premixed glide solutions from the MG Collection offer premium formulations in one easy to use glass vial. 

Dermapen Dermaceuticals MG Mesotherapy Collection


MG-BL Solution

For clients with stubborn hyper-pigmented or melasma affected skin concerns containing Vitamin C, Kojic Acid & Licorice Root. 


MG HA35 Solution

Containing 35mg/ml of Hyaluronic Acid, MG HA35 allows for better absorption helping to refresh and restore the skin.

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The MG Collection Mesotherapy solutions allows you to deliver the right combination of skincare ingredients with cutting edge technologies to deliver bio-compatible actives into the skin fro exceptional results for all major skin concerns. 


MG CLR Solution

Designed to help clear skin and address problematic skin concerns, enhance visibility of complexion and targets open pores, blackheads and oily skin. 


MG HA35+ Solution

A solution to intensely hydrate the skin and help to improve visible signs of ageing. This hard working glide is packed with Vitamins, peptides, antioxidants and Zinc for effective results.

DP Dermaceuticals™ MG Collection offer the ultimate convenience with perfectly blended solutions, sterile packaging with leur lock nozzle to provide the latest non negotiable in microneedling. 


MG R.A.S Solution

A solution to help reverse the signs of ageing and scars with a powerful blend of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and botanical extracts known for their anti ageing results. 

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