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DERMAPEN Dermaceuticals Workshop

Dermapen Dermaceuticals will equip you with the knowledge to maximise your microneedling treatments, gain knowledge on standard protocols and experience in skincare. 

Accredited Online Training

This training will cover the whole Dermapen Dermaceuticals range and enable you to choose which product will work best on each client. 

The course will give insight into both professional and retail Dermapen™ Dermaceuticals products and how effective they can be for treating ageing, pigmentation, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenation. 

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What's Included

  • Overview of the active ingredients 
  • Skin anatomy 
  • Product overview with key benefits and Ingredients 
  • Mesoglide Combinations 
  • Contraindications 
  • Protocols 
  • Aftercare Advice 
  • Homecare and Retailing Skills 

DP Dermaceuticals has been formulated specifically to be used with the Dermapen Microneedling treatments to maximise the results that the treatment can offer. 

After you amassed knowledge of the skins anatomy in this training, you will see just how effective this skincare range is at offering your clients the very best results for their money. 

Used by thousands of clinics all around the world, this extensive range has a product available for every part of your daily skincare routine. 

Together with the microneedling treatments, there are products to help treat pigmentation, ageing caused by exposure to sun, pollution, stress and also products to help with hydration and SPF protection.



Tri – Phase cleansers and CLR foam cleansers result in removing environmental impurities to ensure the skin is hydrated and ready for the next phases of the process. 



Micro derm exfoliant and Clini-prep disinfects the skin using PH neutral formulas which have been dermatologically tested to satify an incredibly high standard in pre-procedure skin disinfectants. 




Anti-oxidant cocktail and Hyla active serums work as an environmental shield against free radical attacks and deliver an intensive moisture infusion. 



Vitamin rich repair and Retinal active offer rejuvenation and anti ageing properties, whilst promoting intensive repair and structure boosts. 



Brite Lite and SSScar helps to inhibit excess pigments formation, reduces the appearance of age spots, melasma acne and even uneven broken skin tone. Scars are helped by reducing the appearance of redness and aid faster recovery times.



We offer a range of masks that help all of the previous stages of this process and help bring out the very best results. They are comfortable and sooting on the skin and give an enjoyable experience.



Skin veneer and CLR lotion help to target the dryest of skin to provide moisture and protection against even the harsh environmental conditions. Oil balance will also be provided to help the control of future breakouts. 








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