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Dermapen 4 Microneedling Training

The Original & Trusted Gold Standard Microneedling device is every clinic must have treatment! 

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This comprehensive training course will cover all you need to know to become confident in performing Dermapen 4 microneedling treatments.  

Microneedling Training Overview

Dermapen 4 Microneedling training consists of 5 different modules required for you to be able to offer the Dermapen treatments. 

This multi-module online course will cover all you need to know to be able to offer Dermapen confidently and safely in your clinic. 

From anatomy and physiology of the skin to treatment protocols and contraindications, the course is jam-packed with information and hint and tips!

All above learning resources must be completed before the online test is attempted.

 All practitioners must achieve a 75% pass rate to gain certification & to ensure you have the correct level of knowledge to be able to treat using Dermapen 4.  


Microneedling package Includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin 
  • Theory of microneedling 
  • What is microneedling? 
  • Wound healing response
  • Clinical Indications 
  • Treatment Indications 
  • Contraindications and considerations 
  • Dermapen™ Dermaceuticals Skincare range 
  • Dermapen™ Dermaceuticals Indications 
  • Dermapen™ Dermaceuticals Ingredients 
  • Treatment Procedure 
  • Aftercare and Post Treatment Requirements 


DURATION – 5 hours + test time 
CERTIFICATE – OCN Credit4Learning Accredited certificate issued after course
Microneedling training

How It Works

This microneedling training will have you up to speed on all the standard protocols that need to be followed to make sure you are administering safe and effective treatments that allow for the recovery of various skin conditions. 

Our trainers that specialise specifically in microneedling have amassed great amounts of knowledge on how to treat patients with various skin conditions, and upon completion of the course, will give you the confidence to offer these services in your own clinic as a sought after medical practice that offers a great return on your investment. 

You will also be shown aspects of aftercare that you can use to maximise the results for the patients in your clinic. This will give you a  great understanding on what specific creams and serums to use to ensure your clients get the best results from their procedure. 

Practical Training Overview

Once online theory training is completed, practitioners can get in touch to book a practical session at one of our training centres. 

The Dermapen 4 practical training will be a hands-on session, using the knowledge you learnt during the online training.

Practical sessions are carried out in small groups to ensure that each practitioner gets the correct amount of training and hands on experience. 

The practical aspect of the training is carried out by a member of our training team who are all experienced in Dermapen 4 Microneedling and all use the device in their own clinics.

What's Included

  • The 6 our session will cover:  
  • An overview of the online training  
  • Health & Safety  
  • Dermapen Consultation  
  • Treatment Requirements  
  • Pre-Treatment Advice and Considerations  
  • Hands on practical training (on a live model)  
  • Mesoglide and Protocols  
  • Post Treatment Advice  
  • Homecare Requirements  
  • Business Aspects – marketing, pricing  
  • Questions  
DURATION – 5 hours + test time 
CERTIFICATE – OCN Credit4Learning Accredited certificate issued after course


Check out some of our reviews from our customers who have used the online training portal and taken part in our practical sessions!

  • “This is fantastic training! one of the best online training courses I have attended. It is informative, very visual and explains information in very simple terms whilst keeping science at its core. The visual videos were excellent.” – Sherone Thompson-Finch
  • “Clear understanding and interesting/ enjoyable to learn.” – Zara Ashton
  • “Very informative, very in depth, covers all theory for Microneedling treatments. I enjoyed the learning experience and now I am very excited to start the practical training.” – Edita Ziobiebe
  • “This was a great training programme and I love that the information is on the portal to refer back to. Kim was fantastic at the practical session with a wealth of knowledge.” – Jade hill
  • “Had a wonderful training experience, everyone is very professional from start to the end.” – Suzi Osmani
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