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CryoPen Cryosurgery Training

 For the removal of benign skin lesions including skin tags, warts, and age spots

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Cryopen Cryotherapy Training Session

For the removal of benign skin lesions 

The CryoPen ® will expand your aesthetic treatment range and add an incredibly popular medical treatment to your clinic services! This comprehensive training course will cover all you need to know to become confident in performing CryoPen cryosurgery treatments.

Online Training Overview

Cryotherapy with CryoPen training consists of 2 different modules required for you to be able to offer the CryoPen treatments.

This multi-module online course will cover all you need to know to be able to offer CryoPen confidently and safely in your clinic.

From anatomy and physiology of the skin to treatment protocols and contraindications, the course in jam packed with information and hint and tips!

All learning resources must be completed before the online test is attempted. 

All practitioners must achieve a 70% pass rate to gain certification & to ensure you have the correct level of knowledge to be able to treat using CryoPen.  


What's Included

The 2-module online training course will cover all key aspects of the skin, treatment protocols and the device itself.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin 
  • Theory of cryosurgery 
  • What is cryosurgery is? 
  • Features and benefits of the device
  • Consultation and managing clients’ expectations
  • Contraindications and considerations 
  • Benign lesion to be treated with CryoPen
  • Treatment Indications and lesion analysis
  • Loading the cartridge and setting up the device
  • Treatment Procedure 
  • Aftercare and Post-Treatment Requirements 
DURATION – 2-hour learning + test time
CERTIFICATION –Online education certificate
TEST – Multiple Choice with 70% pass rate
Cryopen cryotherapy

What To Expect

Register for our online training portal using the button below and input your personal details. Please note if registering as a clinic with multiple practitioners, each individual person will need their own account for certification purposes.

Once you have created your account, you will receive an activation link by email. Once the link is activated – you are ready to go! (This link must be activated within 48 hours).

Once logged in, click on course catalogue, and find the course you are looking to complete & purchase this course.

You can stop and start the course as many times as you wish and will have ongoing access to the material so you can refer to in the future.

Practical Training Overview

Once online theory training is completed, practitioners can get in touch to book a practical session at one of our training centres.

The CryoPen practical training will be a hands-on session, using the knowledge you learned during the online training.

Practical sessions are carried out in small groups to ensure that each practitioner gets the correct amount of training and hands-on experience.

The practical aspect of the training is carried out by a member of our training team who are all experienced in CryoPen Cryosurgery and all use the device in their own clinics.

What's Included

The 3 our session will cover:  

  • An overview of the online training  
  • Health & Safety  
  • CryoPen Consultation  
  • Pre-Treatment Advice and Considerations  
  • Loading the cartridges into the device 
  • Hands on practical training (on a live model)  
  • Treatment Protocols  
  • Post Treatment Advice  
  • Business Aspects – marketing, pricing  
  • Questions  

DURATION – 3-hour learning

CERTIFICATION – Accredited OCN Credit4Learning Certificate



Check out some of our reviews from our customers who have used the online training portal and taken part in our practical sessions!  


  • “I loved the videos really helped me understand the pen and how it worked thank you” – Imarni Robinson 


  • “It is very good theory to start and give a broad knowledge on learning Cryopen” – Nhung WILKINS  


  • “Good learning resources, I liked you can stop and start at different times so do not have to complete all in one sitting” – Daniella Doe  


  • “Online training to prepare for the practical was great. One of the best skin courses I’ve done and it great I can look back at this when I need to”. – Jade Piggot 


  • “The trainer was experienced and explained the procedure clearly.  The practical aspect for myself and staff covered various lesions,warts and verruca treatments”. – Chris Fabian 


  • “I was totally engaged with the trainer throughout everything was explained clearly and broken down in depth. – Simi Lola 
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