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Specialised Training

                                   Specialised training on specific aspects of your business and of the skin itself so you can make the most out of your treatments 

Training Overview

At Ivanmed we believe it is important to cover all aspects of the client journey which is why we offer specialised training sessions. Covering everything from the initial client consultation to the different skin concerns your clients may have, Ivanmed has training sessions to help you diagnose, treat and advise. 

Specialised Courses

    • Consultation Training – How to perform a successful consultation and what to ask your client in order to offer the most effective treatments
    • Acne Training  – What is acne, different types of acne, how best to treat and manage. 
    • Ageing Skin and Age Management  Training – What causes aged skin, how best to treat and how to manage with homecare 
    • Pigmentation Training – The different types of pigmentation, how to treat and how to manage 
    • Rosacea Training – What is rosacea and how is it formed, how best to treat and how to manage 
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