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Cryopen Cryotherapy Device

Treat skin tags and warts 

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What Is a CryoPen™️ Treatment?

The Cryopen will expand your aesthetic treatment range and add an incredibly popular medical treatment to your clinic services. This advanced cryotherapy innovation delivers an ultra-cold jet of high-pressure N₂O directly onto skin lesions.

The CryoPen will offer your clinic pinpoint accuracy and flexible treatment options to add to your clinic’s offerings. This device is a safe, portable, easy to use device and has the added feature of low running costs.

Advantages of Using Cryopen 

This will allow the practitioner to offer very quick treatment times, with the procedure itself lasting only a few seconds. The innovative pinpoint tip ensures accuracy, enabling the practitioner to treat lesions of varying sizes, without affecting the surrounding, healthy tissue.

Satisfy your clients’ needs and add to your clinic’s existing services with this sought after medical treatment.

The device is sure to offer a fantastic return on investment and will quickly become the standard for aesthetic non-surgical cryotherapy.

“99% of people have cosmetic benign lesions so we see these come in on a daily basis”

– Jo Hammond, Head Trainer

  • Small, portable, pen-like device
  • Full control with on/off switch
  • 2 applicator switches with various flow rates
  • Inexpensive, disposable N₂O cartridges
  • Ultra-cold N₂O (-89 degrees Celsius)
  • High pressure delivery (725psi)
  • Pinpoint accuracy; treats lesions from 1mm to 10mm in size
  • Safely treats lesions on the face and close to the eyes
  • Flexible treatment options
  • Effective – treats the lesion and not any healthy surrounding tissue.
  • No follow up care needed
  • Low running costs
  • Fast treatments: treats 2mm lesion in 10 seconds
  • Uses disposable N₂O cartridges to deliver quick, effective treatments
  • The N₂O destroys the skins tissue by freezing the intercellular fluid
  • Does not destroy healthy tissue as targets the area to be treated only
  • Penetration depth of 1mm per 5 seconds
  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Spots
  • Liver Spots
  • Easy to use
  • Verrucas

“The CryoPen is one of the fastest and most efficient treatments I have used for the removal of pigmentation and skin tags. The device is compact and mobile, making it the perfect device for  bust clinics and therapists on the move”

Our Cryopen Cartridges come in 8g (24 pack) or a 16g (6 pack).

Cryotherapy with CryoPen: Before and After

Cherry Angiomas

Cherry angiomas is the most common type of angioma, although not cancerous or harmful, they can be unsightly and cause for lack of confidence. Luckily cryotherapy using the CryoPen device can easily freeze the affected area and remove the lesion with just a couple of sessions. 

Using ultra cold nitrous oxide, you can see how clear the skin is left after treatments, removing the lesion with as  minimal discomfort as possible.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are made up of many components, including stubborn fat, fibres of collagen, and in some cases small blood vessels and nerve cells. Commonly found in skin folds, these lesions can unsightly and an overall nuisance. 

Using cryo surgery with the cryopen device, ultracold jets of N20 are the most favourable solution for removal due to their quick and pain-free turnaround time offering outstanding results for the patient and an incredible treatment for any practitioner’s clinic.


The Cryopen can be used to treat all kinds of warts whether that be common warts found on the hands and arms or plantar warts that are commonly found on the soles of the feet. Warts are caused by infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) but can be treated easily with Cryopen. This is much better than using wart removal creams and is a painless experience thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen.

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