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Hollywood’s secret to flawless looking skin – Mesotherapy!


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Hollywood’s secret to flawless looking skin – Mesotherapy!

Posted by Ivanmed

From a paparazzi snap on the way to the shops, or strutting down the red carpet, our favourite celebrities’ skin always appears to be flawless and glowing. Their secret, perhaps? Mesotherapy! Celebrities like Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna have all claimed to be fans of Mesotherapy to keep their skin tight and radiant. And we can certainly see why!

What is Mesotherapy?

Our skin goes through a lot in our lifetime, from sun damage to the use of harsh chemicals and products – it’s no surprise then that it’s often left feeling dull and lifeless. But! Mesotherapy is the perfect cure for injecting life back into the dermal layer of the skin, leaving it feeling plump and rejuvenated.

Coming from the Greek word mesos, meaning middle, Mesotherapy targets the middle layers of the skin, between the dermis and the epidermis.  It offers a non-surgical, cosmetic treatment, with the use of multiple injections, packed full of vitamins and natural plant extracts to revitalise the skin’s complexion.

Mesotherapy can be used on the face, as well as the body to achieve whitening, firming, glow enhancement, wrinkle reduction, hydration, brightening of dark circles and reduction of cellulite.

Why Ameson® Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has been used on a global scale with impressive results. However, Ameson® has taken it to the next level with years of dedicated research and development to produce one of the leading medical lines on the market.

With hyaluronic acid as the main source of inspiration and starting point of the whole Ameson series, the ingredient is estimated to absorb up to 1000 times its weight in water. Customers who have used our Ameson range describe their skin to be firmer, brighter and more hydrated.

Launching the new Mesotherapy Gun – The Dermatic®

Ivanmed are proud to announce our new Mesotherapy technology. A new take on Mesotherapy, the Dermatic® delivers unrivalled results, compared to older Mesotherapy procedures. The Dermatic®’s pioneering technology uses compressed air to provide a high injectable speed to ensure a painless treatment for the patient!

The Dermatic® has set the standard for Mesotherapy treatments, possessing one of the highest specs in the industry. Our innovators have designed the Mesotherapy gun to be user friendly, whilst giving precise and consistent results for every customer.

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