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Ivanmed’ Clinic in the Spotlight: Sky Clinic


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Ivanmed' Clinic in the Spotlight: Sky Clinic

Posted by Ivanmed

Sky Clinic was launched with a passion for the cosmetic and beauty industry, and with much success they have acquired many years of education and experience within the aesthetic business. Although technology and clinical trials are advancing all the time; at Sky Clinic they do everything to keep up with the latest and innovative treatments to satisfy all their clients.

Dermapen™: Sky Clinic’s signature treatment

Dermapen™ is one such treatment! An advanced device which redefines Microneedling, offering more precise and effective results compared to the derma roller. With its patented technology the pen glides over the skin, piercing the epidermis in a vertical direction which eradicates the risk of tearing. No wonder more and more clinics are using it as their Microneedling device of choice. Sky Clinic has pointed out Ivanmed’ Dermapen™ as their signature treatment, attributed to its revolutionary results, affordable treatments and rave customer reviews.

“Jay, one of our directors at Sky Clinic had a treatment every month, purely for rejuvenation, and our clients themselves are shocked with the results we achieve.”

Sky Clinic said that one of the Dermapen™’s greatest features is that it can be combined with an array of other treatments and products (Ivanmed recommends light therapy treatments, Mesotherapy and skin peels to use alongside the Dermapen™) to achieve even better results.

Social media is the most powerful marketing strategy

Social media is becoming an immensely popular tool that must be taken advantage of. Social media networks can be used to enhance brand awareness and gives potential customers the chance to become familiar with your brand, whilst enabling existing customers to stay up to date with new products and treatments. Sky Clinic says that they prefer social media marketing because it’s extremely cheap and can reach a massive audience.

“We would estimate that at Sky Clinic 45% of our clientele are from social media campaigns.”

The male beauty market is booming

Beauty treatments aren’t just for the ladies! Sky Clinic has found that 40% of their clientele are males and this market doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Salons are evolving into a more genderless image and men no longer have to feel uncomfortable about entering a salon for some beautifying treatments. At the end of the day who doesn’t want to look beautiful?

“Sky Clinic believes if you look good you feel good and confidence is a massive factor to success.”

A piece of advice from Sky Clinic is to aim for results over income: “With great results come more clients.” And with Ivanmed’ leading technology, we make that possible. 


Sky Clinic says, “We strongly advice having the Dermapen™ Microneedling device and the Masterclass training, taught by the famous Dr Andrew Christie, to obtain the best results for your clients.”

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