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Why Autumn is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal


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Why Autumn is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

By Jane Smith Posted January 1, 2019 in Skincare

This month’s beauty spotlight focuses on why autumn is the best time for laser hair removal – and how salons can cash in on this! With technological advances making permanent hair removal more accessible for people of all skin types and budgets, demand is booming. And with autumn approaching, now is the time to invest in the latest laser and IPL equipment and training for your staff to make sure you can make the most of the busiest time of year.

Summer is winding down, and the season of thick tights, wooly jumpers and covering up is looming. Excess or unwanted hair becomes more apparent for most people over the summer period; with many meticulously shaving, waxing, plucking and even epilating (ouch!). These hair removal methods are often painful, which need repeating often and can cause rashes and ingrown hairs. Laser and IPL hair removal offers a permanent alternative, which contrary to popular belief can save clients time and money in the long run. According to Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics laser hair removal was the 3rd most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure in 2016, for women and men.

Why is autumn the best time for laser hair removal?

As we look towards to cooler seasons, the relief of avoiding the inconvenience of hair removal is often welcomed. However, most clients will be thinking of how great it would be if next summer there would no more shaving rash after hastily prepping because the sun has made an appearance, and more spontaneous outfit choices!

Autumn is the best time to begin hair removal, as it is an ongoing process which can be completed for the following spring. Furthermore, prior to treatments it is best to avoid the sun and tanning. Between treatments clients will have to keep their skin covered, as it will be more sensitive, which makes the cooler months optimum time. To get the most from permanent hair removal, clients should also refrain from removing any hair by the roots, such as waxing, plucking or epilating. This is because for the hair to be successfully removed, the laser needs a root to target.

Men continue to embrace numerous tactics to ‘manscape’ and ‘maintain’ such as laser hair removal, accounting for nearly 1 in 10 clients in 2016 getting non-invasive procedures as noted by Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics – make sure you don’t miss out on this emergent market.

To make the most of the busiest time for laser and IPL hair removal, place your order with Ivanmed now to be guaranteed the most revolutionary lasers in the industry and ongoing training for your therapists.

How does laser hair removal work?

Our laser device will start emitting light that your body will absorb  in the form of melanin, that is located in the strand of here in the desired area you are treating.

The next step in the laser hair removal treatment is that the light energy will be transferred to heat energy, and this will damage the hair follicles.Depending on the quality of your treatment, the targeted hair will either stop or have delayed growth in the future.

Magma Platform

The Magma Platform is a revolution in the laser industry, which combines a range of aesthetic and clinical treatments in an easy to use machine. The Diode and Nd:Yag lasers combined with the IPL applicator ensures that permanent hair removal can be achieved on all areas of the face and body.

Furthermore, the incorporated FDA approved Melaninometre is an industry first. This system offers a selection of ‘Skin Type’ according to the Fitzpatrick classification scale, ensuring clients of all skin types can see great results from permanent hair removal. The system is also competitively priced with a lifetime of 3 million pulses on the Diode Laser and the ongoing costs are insignificant.

Formatk Multi Care System

The Formatk Multi Care Sytem uses Intense Pulse Light and Radio Frequency to overcome a variety of skin conditions. The Formatk Multi Care System offers a wide range of non-invasive and safe treatments, which can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other. The IPL hair removal option is a great option for face and body hair removal. This treatment has been proven to provide clients with long lasting results and a painless process with no healing time.

Ivanmed Training

Ivanmed offers nationwide training sessions and masterclasses on all the machines we offer at our flagship training venues and in-salon with industry experts. Educate new members of staff and update knowledge of existing members of your team on all the latest treatments – see where your closest masterclass is here.

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