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How to Prepare Your Salon for the Christmas Rush


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How to Prepare Your Salon for the Christmas Rush

Posted by Ivanmed

To make the most of the Christmas party season in your salon, begin preparation in November to increase awareness off the various events, deals, packages, giveaways and gifts you might be offering.

A great way to kick this off is to hold a Christmas Party Open Night in November to showcase the various deals and fill your diary with bookings.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your evening, offer extra discounts if they book on the night, and make sure they know this before they arrive!

Remember to send individual invitations and RVSP’s to keep track of your numbers and make sure your most loyal customers are taken care of.

These can be posted to customers, via email or though social media depending on your clientele.

By holding an open night, you can:

• Promote your treatments and packages
• Raise awareness of your salon
• Increase bookings
• Reward loyal customers

Christmas night essentials:

• A clear theme throughout all advertising
• Bring Christmas to the salon with decorations
• Festive themed drinks and snacks
• Freebies! Offer a goody bag to all guests
• Best deals only if booked on the night
• Retail products and themed gift sets

Key dates:

30th November – 4th December: Payday spending spree

On average, the 5 days following payday are the most popular to go on a spending spree. Keep this in mind when advertising party season preparation treatments. The best procedures to promote are those which require a few weeks to see the most visible results, just in time Christmas parties.

Give your customers a break from the Christmas shopping madness with a free glass of bubbly!

• Chemical Peels
• Mesotherapy
• Microneedling
• Microdermabrasion
• LED Light Therapy

18th December: This is the second most busy day in December

Concentrate on advertising treatments which have more immediate results, such as beauty treatments and dermaplaning to get the perfect skin for applying make-up.

• Radiofrequency
• Dermaplaning
• Hydrating Facials
• Spray Tan
• Blow dries
• Nails

22nd December: The Busiest Day of the Year!

Many companies pay their employees’ wages early in December on this day to help with the expense of Christmas holidays. This has resulted in this day seeing the highest number of transactions in the entire year for beauty and aesthetic practitioners. Make sure to prepare for this rush over the last weekend before Christmas on 21st-22nd-23rd.

• Stock up on popular products
• Prepare gift packages
• Plan for the possibility of temporary members of staff
• Consider earlier opening times and/or later closing times

27th-30th: New Year’s Rush

As with before, make sure popular products are in stock as many suppliers will be closed over this period.

31st: New Year’s Eve

As New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday this year, salons offering popular party treatments such as professional make-up, nails and blow dries should consider opening if they are not already.

New Year, New Deal’s!

Everyone feels the pinch most in January, to combat this, offer highly discounted packages, treatments and gifts to be redeemed in this month only.

Make the most of your client’s new year’s resolutions by offering detoxing, rejuvenating procedures which might incur a longer downtime such as avoiding sunlight – which makes the colder months the perfect time to begin!

• Fractional laser resurfacing
• Laser/IPL hair removal
• Course of microneedling, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy or chemical peels
• Nd:Yag /R-Sonic skin rejuvenation treatment for pigmentation, sunspots and vascular lesions
• Deep exfoliating
• Acne treatment courses

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