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Microneedling questions

Top 9 Most Asked Microneedling Questions

Does Microneedling Hurt?


Microneedling should not hurt you and you should not feel uncomfortable. Because microneedling punctures the skin at a 90-degree angle to initiate collagen induction, you will feel what many of our clients refer to as a ‘scratchy’ feeling, however, this is not painful and does not require any numbing cream.

Our practitioners use Dp Dermaceuticals skincare. This has been specifically designed for microneedling, to assist with wound healing, as well as providing effective results for
the client.

Check out our exclusive range of serums and creams trusted industry-wide by microneedling experts.

How Long Does It Take?


Microneedling treatments are normally completed within an hours timeframe depending on the practitioner and their steps in the procedure. All treatments follow a guideline procedure from prep to cleaning, application and finishing the treatment off. But this may vary ever so slightly if you change from practitioner to practitioner.

Do You Need Qualifications?


Because microneedling is an advanced procedure that offers the patient incredible results, yes, you do need qualifications. This might differ from supplier to supplier but typically speaking if you are NVQ level 3 in beauty or equivalent then you meet the minimum qualification level. Our practitioners include; beauty therapists, nurses, dentists, doctors and surgeons.

We also offer advanced training sessions to make sure you’re offering the most up-to-date treatment protocols to your patient, ensuring effective results to keep clients coming back.

Is Microneedling Safe?


The Dermapen device is built specifically with patient comfort and safety in mind. The Dermapen 4 features an Anti-Contamination management system for a sterile procedural environment. We have always placed immense importance on education, protocols, hygiene (sterile procedures), and equipment for the safety of both practitioners and patients.

What Do The Results Achieve?


Results will differ depending on the device used and of course, the whole procedure; pre and post care of the skin and products used. Initially, your skin will be a little red from the inflammation of the micro-tears.

This ignites the collagen in the skin and the micro-tears allow for a natural repairing process to occur, which will tighten the skin and have it feeling and looking a lot healthier within a couple of days. Microneedling is a great treatment for those looking to target scarring, acne marks, pigmentation, ageing skin plus much more!

What Are The Best Skin Care to Use?


Dp Dermaceuticals is a range of skincare specifically designed for microneedling. It is formulated at the correct molecular weight to ensure efficient absorption of active ingredients deep into the dermis of the skin. Using a skincare range that has been formulated for microneedling is extremely important both during and post-treatment.

This is because microneedling greatly increases product absorption.

Product purity must be ensured with airless aseptic or sterile packaging to ensure procedural safety and patient duty of care. Our Dp Dermaceuticals are pharmaceutically developed within a GMP facility to the highest standard. Aseptic packaging and bio-compatible conservation systems ensure ingredient purity, stability and intensity.

If you would like to make sure that you are using the best creams for your skin or would like a little more industry knowledge then please do not hesitate to contact us or feel free to have a
browse of our blog section where we are always posting useful and helpful tips to beauty and aesthetic practitioners UK wide.

How Long Are The Microneedling Needles?

The Dermapen 4 offers an adjustable needle depth to target different areas of the face. For example, where there is less skin and more bone you would typically use a more shallow
needle depth of 0.2mm, but for areas such as the side of the face where the skin tends to be a bit thicker a needle depth of 1mm – 1.5mm may be sufficient, depending on the treatment concern and the professional instincts of the practitioner.

What Are The Costs Of Microneedling Treatments?


This will depend on the area and location of the clinic that you are receiving the treatment. It can also depend on the level of qualifications that the practitioner holds and choose to price their treatments at. But typically speaking, a treatment will be between £100 and £150 normally in areas of the United Kingdom with some of the more private and professional clinics and locations going past the £200+ mark.

What Is The Downtime On Microneeedling Treatments?


You should spread treatments out over a 4-6 week period and make sure that they are not within this timeframe in order to eliminate any damage to the skin. The skin may appear red and we encourage that you take a 24-hour breather of touching the face, adding any non-related creams in terms of healing and repairing and allowing the skin to repair and build back stronger without any hindrance for the best results possible.


Microneedling overall can offer incredible benefits for the skin. It’s important to use trusted and tested brands that will be able to offer maximal results with minimal discomfort. Aftercare is also another major factor in making sure you get the very best results out of microneedling treatments.


We have creams and serums available for all kinds of skin types and needs. Feel free to check out our extensive skincare range here.

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Microneedling questions


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